School Partnerships

In addition to conducting enrichment courses in our centres, Skylace has been actively collaborating with the local schools in organising various Chinese programmes for children. 

The programmes are all customised, aiming to meet the needs of each school, such as the “Word Recognition Workshop”, “Pri.1 Orientation Chinese Camp”, “Hanyu Pinyin Class”, “Comprehension & Composition Class”, “Oral Class”, “Speech & Drama Class” , “Chinese Cultural Camp” and so on.     

As a partner with various schools in teaching the Chinese language, Skylace provides an environment where children learn to excel through fun and enjoyment.

Chinese Fortnight Culture Program 母语双周

• 绘本导读与延伸活动
• 饮食文化活动
• 朗诵/表演/集体舞蹈
• 本地华族饮食文化/华族文化

Chinese Culture Camp 文化营

• 华族文化学习营
• 儿童表演艺术
• 《传统游戏》制作及体验
• 传统古诗及表演

Chinese Speech and Drama Class 演艺集训课程

• 课本剧
• 演艺集训
• 相声/快板/儿歌朗诵/故事表演/童谣/饶舌等

Chinese Oral Class 口语会话

• 口试集训
• 口语、会话、阅读班
• 创意口试演说班
• 口语沟通训练

Parents Workshop 家长讲座

• 亲子教育
• 口语表达技巧,为口试加分
• 学习华文的窍门

Other 其他:

1. 小记者-通过采访、写稿、活动报导等课题,提升语文及口语表达能力
2. 创意写作集训
3. 写作集训
4. 绘本阅读乐趣多
5. 汉语拼音
6. 学习之旅

Schools we have partnered

The earlier the child gets a head-start in learning a language, the easier the journey and the better his/her chance of mastering it with near-native perfection.

越早让孩童学习华文,学习 旅途越轻松, 他/她就越有创造力,更能掌握和 热爱它。

Primary Schools

  1. Raffles Girls’ Primary School  
  2. Gan Eng Seng Primary School
  3. South View Primary School
  4. Woodlands Primary School 
  5. Hong Wen School
  6. Bedok Green Primary School
  7. Ghim Moh Primary School
  8. Junyuan Primary School
  9. Radin Mas Primary School
  10. Feng Shan Primary School   
  11. Yumin Primary School
  12. Woodgrove Primary School
  13. Wellington Primary School
  14. Seng Kang Primary School
  15. MayFlower Primary School
  16. Changkat Primary School
  17. Pasir Ris Primary School
  18. Dazhong Primary School
  19. Meridian Primary School
  20. Greendale Primary School
  21. Bedok West Primary School
  22. Fuchun Primary School
  23. Greenwood Primary School
  24. North Spring Primary School
  25. Northland Primary School
  26. Si Ling Primary School
  27. Tampines North Primary School
  28. Unity Primary School
  29. Yishun Primary School
  30. Zhenghua Primary School
  31. Anchor Green Primary School
  32. Elias Park Primary School
  33. St.Hilda’s Primary School
  34. Jingshan Primary School
  35. Elias Park Primary School
  36. Riverside Primary School
  37. Canossa convent Primary School
  38. Bukit Timah Primary School
  39. North View Primary School
  40. Keming Primary School
  41. Shuqun Primary School
  42. Singapore Chinese Girls School
  43. Jurong Primary School
  44. Da Qiao Primary School


  1. Agape Child Care
  2. Agapeland Trinity Childcare Centre
  3. Amazing Star Montessori House
  4. Bubblesland Playhouse
  5. Care Corner Child Development Centre
  6. Cambridge Child Development Centre  (Little Frutti)
  7. Childcare @ Alexandra Hospital
  8. Cuddle Kids Playhouse
  9. Cutie Kidz Playhouse
  10. Kinderland Academy
  11. Kanooka School House
  12. Little World Child Care & Development Centre
  13. Life Kindergarten
  14. Mini Playhouse Pte Ltd
  15. MiniWorld Child Care & Development Centre Pte Ltd
  16. Perform@ Junior Playhouse
  17. Seeds D’ Learning House
  18. Small World EduCare Centre
  19. The KiddieWinkie Place Pte Ltd
  20. Touch Child Care