Oral Class

skylace language school

for Primary 1 to Primary 6

10 lessons, 1hr 30mins per session


  • Enhance the students’ interest in learning the Chinese Language.
  • Build up the students’ confidence in speaking Mandarin and train them to express their thoughts fluently.


  • Usage of vocabulary (e.g. people & places) & Classifiers.
  • Enhance oral skills through brain-based training.
  • Improve reading skills through raising awareness of Chinese as a tonal language with polysemous and look-alike words, and practice reading with appropriate intonation.
  • Students will hold discussions on various topics (e.g. Local news) to develop their analytical skills.
  • Regular oral evaluations will be carried out to update parents on the children’s progress.
  • In addition, be equipped with skills to cope with the latest Video Clip Conversation segment and enhance self-confidence.