Why Skylace

skylace language school

  • We are the pioneer in our field and have more than 25 years of experiences in teaching children Mandarin.

  • Through years of experience and research, our courses have proven to be one of the most effective and quickest way to master the Chinese language.

  • Lively, fun and creative environment.

  • We provide personalised services.

  • Our management always studies the changes in the local educational system and does necessary amendments to our programmes.

  • Our personnel are all experienced teachers and we can develop new programmes easily to accommodate our children’s needs.

  • All the programmes are designed and formulated by us, therefore, it is easy to amend our syllabus quickly to suit the changing needs.

  • All our teachers are experienced, dedicated and understand the children’s needs. In addition, we have our own unique teaching methods and we guarantee results.

  • We always ensure that our teachers’ performance is of best quality.

  • We do research and develop learning aid to facilitate children’s learning, such as word recognition flash cards, children storybooks, audio aid, language games and etc.

  • We promote parental involvement in children’s learning and form strong partnerships with all parents in our school.